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Saturday 19th April 2014

" Run a Pub Business of Your Own"

the Publican

Not all our new tenants have necessarily worked in the licensed trade before. Our induction programmes, and ongoing training and support mean the only prerequisites are your investment, enthusiasm, and determination to make your pub a success.

Many people have a very rose tinted view of what running a pub is like. Some imagine the roses round the door and the thatched roof…….. - others, imagine themselves perched on their bar stool, drinking Gin & Tonics…..

…….Unfortunately, the licensed trade isn't like that and, more to the point - it could be very costly to you to start a business venture with little knowledge of what's involved. Any successful licensee will tell you that it takes years of experience and practise to make the job look easy.

Obtaining a Pub Tenancy

If you wish to apply to become a Trust Inns tenant please download our Application Form by clicking here. This form can be completed on screen and sent to us at the address below, or you can save the document and email it to us as an attachment,

Alternatively, if you would like to receive our comprehensive Application Pack please complete the application form on our Contact Us page. The procedure detailed below will give you some idea of the process in place to ensure we put the right people in the right pubs. Join our team and run a business of your own!

Application Procedure:

Should your initial application be successful the Recruitment Department will forward your details to the Business Development Manager who is responsible for the area you have specified an interest in.

The Business Development Manager will contact you within 10 days of receipt of your details and discuss possible vacancies within your specified area. An interview will be arranged should there be a vacancy to match your requirements.

At the interview, further details of the houses available will be provided. If we both wish to proceed a visit may be arranged to the house or houses in question. You may at this stage wish to be accompanied by a professional advisor.

If we agree to the grant of a tenancy to you, an offer will be made to you in writing. This offer will be "subject to contract". You will be asked to sign a duplicate of the letter by way of acceptance and return it to the Tenancy Business Manager. Although this does not create a legally binding obligation on either part, it does demonstrate intent and also acts as a record of the agreed terms. We will include with that letter:


Copy of the Code of Practice (if not already received)

Copy of the 3 year or 10 year Tenancy Agreement

Copy of Probationary Agreement

Copy of any documentation recording the terms of any Incentive Scheme discount arrangements

A price list for beers, ciders and minerals

A copy of the standard letter of consent for AWP machine arrangements (this will include a list of approved suppliers and operating criteria for those suppliers)

A statement of historic barrelage