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As a Trust Inns tenant, you get the freedom to run your own business with the support and guidance of one of the UK’s market leaders.

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“Working with Trust Inns has been the best. No other pub company compares.”

Cheshire Cheese, Wallasey

When You Run a Trust Inns Pub – It’s Your Business

If you’ve ever dreamt of running your own pub business, then Trust Inns is the perfect business partner for you. That’s because we provide the foundations for a local pub business, ie the bricks and mortar, but it is YOU that creates and becomes the face of the pub (by serving your community, hosting charitable events, organising sport matches, putting on family events, developing a new menu and much, much more). In short, you become a self employed pub tenant or lessee.

Because we understand that it’s great people that make great pubs, Trust Inns make it their priority to find the right people to run our pubs. In fact there’s nothing more important to us.

So throughout this website you’ll find help and advice, information and contact details to help you make a considered choice about, not only whether you would like to run a pub business, but whether you’d like to run a Trust Inns’ pub business.

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Pub Spotlight

At Trust Inns we have a range of traditional, local pubs available to let. Below is one of the great opportunities we currently have available.

North East – Northumberland


Brierley Road, Blyth, NE24 5AU


Pub Style: Community Local

OPEN DAY :Friday 19th July from 12noon, Contact us now to come long: 07788445747

-Community Local

-2 serving areas lounge and bar

-Live entertainment

-Traditional pub games

-Beer garden

-Food pub potential

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pub guide cover

Want to Know More? Request Your Free Guide to Becoming a Pub Landlord

If you’re thinking of running a pub for the first time, then we’re pretty certain you’ll have lots of questions and possibly not know where to start on your search. This handy, quick and simple guide will help to point you in the right direction, give you the right questions to ask/consider and a check list to cover.

Pub Business Opportunities

We have an extensive range of over 350 pubs all over the country. Browse through them now to find the perfect pub for you.

Should you find a pub that you are interested in, then either contact head office on 01257 238823 OR complete our online introduction form and we’ll contact you. Please note, by completing the introduction form you are simply registering your interest in finding out more about our current and future vacancies. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we would encourage you to register with us so that we may contact you in the future should another vacancy arise that may be of interest. Please note that Trust Inns takes pride in being flexible in our approach to getting the right people into our pubs. Should you have a great business plan for one of our available pubs then please get in touch and we would be happy to negotiate terms.

Our Pub Offers

Within the Trust Inns’ estate there are three types of pub offers available. These are specified for each pub vacancy and are not interchangeable;

Leased & Tenanted

A leased or tenanted pub means you, as a licensee, take on the right to occupy the pub for a fixed term (leases are usually longer than tenancies) to run the pub as your own business. You are your own boss and have full control as well as full responsibility for all costs.
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Managed Pub

You are an employee of Trust Inns, who own the property and are paid an annual salary. Trust Inns has full responsibility for the retail offer, building and all employees. Find Out More

Retail Managed Solution

As a pub operator you are self-employed and the boss of your own pub but with the major costs of running the business are covered by Trust Inns who own the building. Find Out More

Trust Inns’ 6-Step Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is deliberately simple to help you acquire your perfect pub business quickly and simply! Click through to read more.


Get a Licence

Gain a personal licence and complete Pre-entry Awareness Training (PEAT)


Find a Pub

View Our pubs to let page and find a pub that interest you


Register Your Interest

Register your interest and complete our online introduction form


Discuss Your Interest

The Business Development Manager will contact you by phone to discuss your interest in the pub


Meet with Us

First with the BDM to discuss your business plan in conjunction with our Code of Practice, and then with an Operations Director to talk through the agreement


Start Your Pub Business

If successful, an offer will be made to you in writing and a date set for you to start your own pub business is set!

Already got a Personal Licence?

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Why Trust Inns?

  • Competitive Deals
  • Marketing Support
  • Free Training
  • Dedicated BDM

When choosing a pub company it can be difficult to make the comparison so let us help. At Trust Inns we provide you with comprehensive business support, when you need it. Not only do Trust Inns offer excellent and competitive deals to tempt you, we also provide a support package that we believe is second to none. This includes marketing support, training and a dedicated Business Development Manager per pub.

“Our local BDM is amazing. The communication is spot on. I know that if I’ve got any issues, my BDM is very approachable.”

Bellrock, Glasgow

Quality Service Guaranteed

Trust Inns has been working with individuals and private enterprises to run its pubs for over 20 years. And the majority of our head office and field support teams have worked within the industry for years before that!

Needless to say, our years of experience mean that we have been able to develop a service that truly understands the needs of an individual tenant or lessee and we’re able to share that with you, if and when you need it.

For extra reassurance, we also have a minimum set of standards that we pledge to uphold in our Code of Practice. The Code is supervised by the Pub Governing Body and covers key areas of our relationship with you such as rent reviews, agreement renewal and each other’s commitment to the working relationship.

Our Support Package Read Our Code of Practice

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