5th April 2022

30 Top Pub Facts

Here at Trust Inns, we know a whole lot about pubs. We know how to run one properly, the best offers to put out and what gets people to visit. However, we don’t know many unusual pub facts so we decided to put together a list! If you’re looking for an interesting conversation starter or you’re just curious because you love pubs, then we’ve got just right thing for you.

Let’s get into it…

1. After co-discovering the structure for DNA, in 1953, Francis Crick burst into The Eagle Pub and announced they’d “discovered the secret of life”. The pub serves ‘Eagle’s DNA’ beer to this day.


2. Spain has more bars per inhabitant than any other EU country.

3. The city with the most pubs per square mile, Portsmouth has almost double the number of pubs per square mile than London.


4. The country that consumes the most beer is the Czech Republic, with 143.3 litres consumed per capita.

5. Beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic.

6. The Red Lion is the most common pub name in the UK

red lion


7. One survey found that UK pub-goers were likely to drink around 7,786 pints of lager or 4,424 litres of beer in their lifetime.

8. The number of employees in pubs and bars reached 457,000 in 2019.

9. Ancient civilisation, the Sumerians, are said to have been the first to brew beer.

10. Many beers lose their flavour when served cold due to the temperature dulling your tongue.

Beer in mug on table

11. Real British ale’s alcohol content usually hovers between 4 and 5% alcohol.

12. The alcohol content of British ale is low compared to other country’s beer as British beers tend to be ‘session beers’ – ‘session beers’ have a lower alcohol content so that you can have several over the course of a few hours. This adds to the British pub culture.

13. The biggest pub in Britain is the Royal Victoria Pavilion, a Wetherspoon pub. It can hold nearly 800 people.

14. There are around 50,000 pubs in the UK.

15. Scarborough has the most pubs per person in England – 640 people per pub. 170 pubs for 108,000 people.


16. The Guinness world record of longest pub name was given to `The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn’ in Astley Street, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.

17. Brewdog’s ‘The End of History’ beer is known as the most expensive beer in the world, priced at $765 per 330ml, that’s almost £600. Containing 55% ABV, infused with nettles and fresh juniper berries and packaged in a stuffed animal dressed in an eccentric outfit. There was only 12 of this beer made.

18. Confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest pub in the UK is The Nutshell in Suffolk. The bar measures 15ft by 7ft.


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19. The longest pub crawl goes to John Drew, Karl Bradley, Peter Hill and Joe Hill, who had a mission to have a pint in every county in the UK. Starting in 1984, by 2008, they had visited 14,000 pubs.

20. The most people on a pub crawl had 4,885 participants visiting 10 pubs in Kansas City’s Power and Light District, Missouri, USA. The group did this in order to raise money and awareness for those fighting cancer.


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21. Matt Ellis holds the Guinness Book of Records title of most pubs visited by an individual in 24 hours. He visited 51 pubs in Cambridgeshire in October 2021.

22. The Guinness World Records title for most views of a quiz YouTube live stream went to Jay Flynn who started a virtual pub quiz. Over 180,000 people took part in the quiz.

23. According to RateBeer.com, an online forum visited by many beer enthusiasts, Natural Light, an American pale lager, is the worst beer in the world.

24. According to RateBeer.com again, AC Golden Hidden Barrel Apricot is the best beer in the world. Described as ‘Lambic-style beer aged in old French oak barrels with whole, fresh apricots added. Brett, lacto, and pedio were used.’

25. Traditional British pub signs are bright and colourful, this was to draw in illiterate drinkers in the past.

pub signs

26. The Guinness Book of Records was originally published by Guinness Breweries for settling pub arguments.

27. The Man versus Horse Marathon started in 1980, when a landlord overheard a debate between two men in his pub. One man argued that over a significant distance, a man was able to equal or beat any horse. Gordon Green, the landlord, organised the race and it became an annual event. In 1989, British cyclist Tim Gould beat the first horse by three minutes. However, attendants were still waiting on someone racing on foot to beat a horse. Finally in 2004, Huw Lobb won the race on foot, winning the £25,000 prize fund.

28. In 2012, Southampton pub named ‘The Hobbit’ faced legal trouble over a copyright infringement. Actors Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen offered to pay the copyright license fee so that the pub could continue trading with the same name.


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29. Putting your glass upside down on the counter of a pub in Australia means that you’re signalling that you can fight anyone in the pub and win.

30. You can achieve your dream of running your very own pub with Trust Inns!

Here at Trust Inns, we’ve got a wide range of pubs to let all over the UK which you can browse through. We match people to their perfect pub and help them along the way to becoming the heart of their community. If you’re interested, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have.

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