About Us 

Local pubs are at the very heart of Trust Inns’ business.  But whether our pubs offer food, live sports or entertainment is up to you!  We simply offer you all the help and support tools you need to build your own great pub business.

Trust Inns is a tenanted pub company that brings it within the realms of possibility for anyone with a great business mind, outstanding customer facing skills and great ideas to take on their own pub as a business of their own, without having to buy a pub property.  To help, we offer all the tools you need to run a pub; from the actual bricks and mortar of the pub itself, to help and support with pub promotions and training.

Currently we own 400 pubs across the country that vary in style, size, product offering and customer type.  Whilst the majority are tenanted pubs we also have a small estate of managed outlets.

Established in 1995, we are a privately owned, independent company.  We believe our longevity and success is down to people; the people who run our pubs and the people that support them.  In fact that’s what our tenants tell us makes us different from other pub companies; that our friendly and approachable manner is what won them over.

Trust Inns’ philosophy is “Better pubs through Better People” and we ensure that this philosophy is upheld in our day to day business.