1st November 2022

Britain’s Most Famous Pubs you can Visit

Us Brits don’t mess around when it comes to our pub culture, so much so that if a zombie apocalypse broke out, many of us would have the first thought to grab a pint at ‘The Winchester’ until it all blows over…

There are a ton of famous pubs in Britain, whether they’ve featured in movies, TV shows or they’re simply famous for their history or events that have happened in the pub. In this article, we’re going to run through the most famous pubs in Britain you can visit. Whether you’re a fellow Brit looking to expand your pub horizons or you’re just visiting and making sure you have as many typical British experiences as possible. Let’s get into it:

The Black Prince, Kennington

In one of the first scenes in the action-packed spy film ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, Harry Hart, also known as Galahad, is seen mowing down some local thugs coming after Eggsy in his local pub with a pint of beer and an umbrella. This pub is very real, and you can visit exactly where this iconic fight scene took place – The Black Prince in Kennington, London, prides itself on being one of the warmest welcomes in London. Very ironic and it’s highly unlikely you’ll witness a real fight scene first-hand in the ‘friendliest pub in Kennington’. With a fantastic 4+ star rating on Google and fairly reasonable prices, this pub is definitely one to visit if you’re in or near London


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The Bell Inn, Moreton-in-Marsh

If you’re part of the millions of fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, then you’ll recognise the name of the pub ‘The Prancing Pony’. Based in the village of Bree, it featured hobbit rooms and was a very well-travelled inn. The author of The Lord of the Rings books, J.R.R. Tolkien, visited The Bell Inn and it’s attributed as the inspiration for the Middle Earth’s pub, The Prancing Pony. The Bell Inn very much lives up to this accreditation and inside, it sets the atmosphere with a large map of Middle Earth! If you choose to stay at this cosy inn, luckily you won’t be on beds made for hobbits – they’re regular sized and the rooms are described as spacious.


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The Royal Oak, London

If you’ve watched the fantastically British film ‘Lock, Stock & Two Barrels’, then you’ll remember the pub scene in Samoan Jo’s where Bacon gets served a green drink that looks like a ‘rainforest’. Fictional Samoan Jo’s is actually real-life The Royal Oak in London. Whilst we’re not sure you can get the famous rainforest drink, you can certainly order a range of refreshing cocktails and munch on a ton of delicious fancy pub food such as crab salad, scotch trout, pork belly and plenty more. That’s not all though; this pub was certainly a popular place to film with it featuring in two more movies. It was one of the filming locations for the 1990 movie ‘The Krays’, in which it gets shot up by the twins due to being owned by the Maltese boys. In the 2015 adaptation of the same story of the Kray twins, Legend, the pub features as ‘The Blind Beggar’!


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The Beehive, Buntingford

In the 2005 film ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, based on the novel with the same name, the last pub in the world, The Horse & Groom is where Arthur discovers his best friend Ford. This pub is actually The Beehive located in Buntingford, which is just a small, local pub with a claim to fame! Ideal if you’re wanting a cosy atmosphere.

britains most famous pubs you can visit

The Wilbury (formerly The Gardener’s Arms), Letchworth Garden City

‘The World’s End’ is a film about friends going on an epic pub crawl and somehow ending up the saviours of humanity. The last pub in their Golden Mile pub crawl is The Gardener’s Arms, now called The Wilbury, located in Letchworth Garden City. Now a part of Stonehouse Restaurants, The Wilbury focuses on carvery roasts and stone-baked pizzas, a dynamic duo! They do also serve fish dishes, burgers, wraps, salads and a range of vegetarian and vegan options.

most famous pubs

The Victoria Comet, Newcastle

‘Get Carter’ is a 1971 British crime film based on the 1970 novel ‘Jack’s Return Home’. Jack Carter, played by acting legend Sir Michael Caine, goes for a drink in his local straight after returning to his hometown Newcastle. Fictional pub The Vic & Comet is actually real pub similarly named, The Victoria Comet. Now apart of Nicholson’s Pubs, you can visit The Victoria Comet to try their range of pies, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and cocktails.


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The Woolpack

Located in Esholt, The Woolpack is the original Woolpack used in the long-running soap, Emmerdale. It was the setting for 20 years until the soap moved to a different set. The Woolpack now provides a great selection of cask ales, food and even a trip down memory lane for long-time fans of Emmerdale.


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That was our list of the most famous pubs in Britain! Here at Trust Inns, we’re complete experts in everything to do with pubs. Many people have a dream of running their own pub, and we can’t blame them! From the atmosphere to the flowing drinks, running your own pub could certainly be an adventure. Our Trust Inns team turn dreams into a reality for many people. We have a massive range of pubs to let all over the UK, if you see one you like and if we think you’re the right fit for the pub, then you can take the steps to become a Trust Inns tenant and more importantly, the heart of your community. If you’re interested, take a look at our pubs available or if you have an enquiry, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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