14th November 2022

Christmas Pub Ideas

If you run a pub and you’re not already making the most out of the festive season, then you’re doing it all wrong – Christmas is a time when profits should be booming, and people should be booking in for your Christmas menu or events.

So, what can your pub or bar do this Christmas to take advantage of people letting loose and spending more around this time of year?

  1. Create a Christmas menu

Probably the most obvious answer, and one you might already have sorted. It’s November, which means people are searching around for what they can do at Christmas. Many people go out for their Christmas dinner, and you should be making your pub an option for them. This also goes for catering to peoples’ work nights out – this could be a big money maker due to the number of employees attending the Christmas do. A festive menu with a few options for starter, main and dessert with an offering of 2 courses for X amount or 3 courses for X amount has been working for pubs and restaurants for years. Some starter choices might include soup, pate, a prawn cocktail or smoked salmon, mains could include a traditional turkey dinner, steak, seabass, or a nut roast, and desserts could feature a traditional Christmas pudding, sticky toffee pudding, yule log or a hot brownie. Makes me hungry just thinking about it… Make sure you’re catering for the vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians when crafting your menu!

christmas dinner menu pub
  1. Host some Christmas events

You’ll need to be getting Santa and his elves booked in before their schedules get full! Events such as ‘Breakfast with Santa’ are fantastic ways to attract parents to book some food and for their child to meet Santa. Or what about a Christmas-themed pub quiz? You simply can’t go wrong there. Host your own Christmas party! Whether it’s for adults or kids, or one for both, it’s a fantastic way to get people dancing and drinking in your pub.

  1. Hold a competition

Everyone likes a good competition, why not put a jar of candy canes or snowballs on the bar and whoever guesses closest to the correct amount in the jar, gets the prize? Charging people a few quid to enter the competition means you won’t have to pay out of your pocket once announcing the winner.

  1. Arrange some live music

You can’t have a Christmas party without Christmas music, arrange a band or singer known for covering Christmas tunes and have a singalong with your regulars. There’s nothing better than belting out Mariah Carey with your friends whilst drinking until your heart’s content.

live christmas music
  1. Drink promotions

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer! Or cocktail, gin, vodka, or any type of alcohol really. Put on some special offers for drinks or you could even create special Christmas drinks. Serve classic eggnog, candy cane cocktails or mistletoe shots – you could really ramp up the Christmas feeling with a ton of red and green drinks that simply ooze Christmas. Another thing to note is that not everyone drinks and whilst it may seem like it, Christmas doesn’t have to centre around alcohol. Creating mocktails to cater for those that don’t drink will mean your pub is inclusive and non-drinkers will still have somewhere to celebrate the festive season.

christmas drink
  1. Decorate!

When we say decorate your pub, we don’t just mean with a bit of tinsel thrown around. To create an amazingly festive atmosphere for your pubgoers, you’ll want to go all out. Get a Christmas tree, a ton of tinsel, fairy lights, neon lights, hang up baubles, wreaths on the outside of your pub, big bows, and fake presents – the possibilities are endless.

christmas pub ideas
  1. Christmas karaoke

One of the highlights of Christmas has got to be when Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé defrost, and we can appreciate their fantastic Christmas tunes by singing them slightly off-key with our friends and family. Also, one of the highlights of pub culture is karaoke, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a good singer or not, people will still cheer you on and sing along with you. Combining Christmas tunes with karaoke has got to be one of the best creations ever.

  1. Letters to Santa

If you’re a family-focused pub, then why not provide a festive post box for all younger customers to post their letters to Santa? This can be done at the table whilst waiting for their food, posted whilst they eat and then (the best bit) mum, dad and little one have to re-visit the pub to get an answer from the big man himself another time. Make sure you post about it on all your social platforms to gain maximum coverage and interest.

  1. Christmas bounce-back

Naturally, your pub will be busier during December due to all the festivities but make sure that your customers are incentivised to return once all the excitement has died down. Think about offering a bounce-back scheme which provides your festive customers either a free drink or dessert etc next time they visit in January. You may not even need to offer a cash incentive, just make sure all your in-pub advertising is updated with events that you’re holding in January to give new and existing customers a good reason to return!


And there we have it – some Christmas pub ideas to get you started. Make sure to stock up on alcohol and mince pies!

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