17th March 2020

Coronavirus Statement 17th March 2020

The following statement is from our Managing Director, Mark Brown.  

Dear All,

The lack of a definitive briefing from the Government on Monday evening has caused confusion and raised as many questions as answers. The public have been ‘asked’ not to visit pubs but publicans have not been told to close – whether that is part of a strategic herding policy for non-vulnerable people or for insurance reasons we are not qualified to say.

Quite clearly, these are the most challenging times we have ever faced and there will surely be a significant impact on trade. However, right now as things stand you are entitled to remain open and trading and supporting your local communities. The decision of whether to stay open or to close is yours to make.

What is absolutely imperative is that we must all continue to follow the Government advice and guidelines and using the appropriate precautions as outlined in the Government briefings to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

This is an ever evolving situation and to date generally, trade has not been overly impacted but there will undoubtedly be pain right across the industry. Our overriding message is that this horrendous period will pass and we will be taking steps to ensure we have a business that can support you to rebuild on the other side.

As a first point of call, industry bodies are seeking clarity from the Government on what urgent support (beyond business rate reductions) they will provide to us all to compensate for business losses. We are pointing to commitments made by governments across Europe and demanding similar levels of support. Our trade bodies are in active & urgent dialogue with the Government which will continue until we get the assurances that we all need.  There is even an online petition you can sign and we urge you all to do so and share it with your customers, friends and family.

We know this will be a worrying time for every business including our own, and we will do our best to provide as much information as we are able in the coming weeks. Should you have questions, please call your Business Development Manager.

Above all else, stay well and take care of yourselves and your families.



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