19th May 2020

Credit/ replacement of stock in cellars

We are still waiting for final clarification from our distributors and suppliers as to what procedure you will need to adopt for the destruction, removal and replenishment of the stock in your cellars.

We know that brewers are working hard to agree a workable process to meet HMRC guidelines so that excise duty can be reclaimed and credited. Replacement kegs cannot be provided until this process is complete.

Therefore, as previously advised, DO NOT DESTROY ANY PRODUCT IN YOUR CELLAR (for which you would like a replacement) without full instruction from Trust Inns. Failure to follow a set procedure will mean that fresh stock is not credited when you are able to start trading again.

We understand that this issue has been ongoing for some time but are confident this will be resolved shortly. We will share the process with you as soon as we receive it from the brewers. Until that time, we advise you to keep any product safely stored in your cellar.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and website for more information and regular updates.

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