3rd January 2020

Doing Dry January: Tips and Advice

The annual ‘all you can eat’ Christmas binge is over for another year.

The transformation into fully fledged ‘New Year’ hangover lull is happening. Resolutions are crafted, discussed and rejected with all the right intentions.

You know how it goes. Yet knowing yourself, and having good self-awareness is a skill set all on its own. Our friends and family like to remind us of that.

‘I must quit smoking.’
2020, this is the year. New Year, New Me’
‘I should read more books…’
‘Crikey, I was in town and I bought a pair of running shorts…’
‘I should drink less.’

We could go on. They range across the spectrum from the sensible, to the sublime, right through to the serious and… sobering. Dry January anyone?

It’s likely that if you are reading this, you’re already committed to the cause. Well done you. If you’re wavering, don’t worry, it’s ok and we can help you. Now, we’ve covered similar ground to this before with our blog about Sober October, and we don’t want to repeat ourselves, but check that out if you’re looking for some reassurance about the benefits of going sober for a month. Anyway, here’s some advice to take on board, regardless of which side of the bar you happen to find yourself on this January.

Advice for Customers

1. Don’t Panic

Sounds daft? It isn’t, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by a commitment. You’ve vocalised it, you’ve told people, even stuck it on Facebook. But now you’re getting cold feet. It’s natural. Try not to worry, and certainly don’t put any extra pressure on yourself. 31 days can feel like a long time and it is when compared to a weekend, but overall? It’ll be February before you know, just remain calm.

2. Go to the Pub

Ok so we’ve suggested this one before and it raised a few eyebrows then, and it’ll probably raise a few more. It might appear at odds of what you are trying to achieve, but then again if you habitually drink alcohol in front of the television so is sitting on the sofa at home! And no one is suggesting you don’t do that for a month.

rear of pub with a beer garden and tables

Go to the pub, it’s important to socialise. Just because you’re going sober for a few weeks, doesn’t mean you should miss out.

Go to the pub, see friends, socialise. You’ve gone sober, you’re not a recluse. Have a cordial. Sure, pork scratchings might not be the same, but you’ll hammer a half-cut Dave when he suggests a game of darts.

3. Put it on Social Media

You might be feeling pressured by having committed, and usually you don’t get yourself out of a whole by continually digging, but this is different. Put that post on Facebook, Instagram the funky Mocktail, tweet a review and Snapchat Dave to remind him that you rule at Darts.

Dry January tweet

The Dry January movement has a strong presence on Social Media, especially Twitter.

4. Remember the Benefits

To be honest, we could write a whole blog article about this but instead we’ll do some bullet points to keep it easy and digestible.

  • Weight loss
  • Save Money
  • Rejuvenating
  • Better Sleep

Imagine going a month without even a sniff of a Hangover or slightly dull head? You might feel invincible!

Advice For Pubs and Landlords

1.Don’t Panic

Similar to the advice for individuals committed to going sober for Dry January. Don’t panic. Relax, January has traditionally been a quieter month of the calendar for pubs, there’s no escaping that, but that’s not to say you can’t make something of it or try something different. January is still in the cold, damp, miserable depths of winter, but you can use it to your advantage. Book a Band or Singer, put on a Games Night, give people a reason to come to your Pub. Got an offer on Sunday’s Set Menu? Tell people, get it on Social Media and shout about it.

Promotional pub posters

Promoting your Pub events with posters is a great way of advertising, as is Social Media. If you’re putting on a gig, party or special offer, make sure that people know about it, such as these from The 1852 in Leicester and The Links in St Annes.

2. Encourage Non-drinkers and Dry Custom

The last few years has been all about Gin, Gin, Gin, Gin, Gin and more Gin. Yes, we’ve had a Gin revolution and yet still, in 2020, it appears little to no indication of slowing. It doesn’t stop at Gin though, this is part of a wider, social, drink awareness that is sweeping across much of the western world. Craft Beer is the same, and so is Low, or no alcohol Beer. There’s a reason why Heineken have spent so much money developing, producing and marketing on their Alcohol-free beer. It’s big business.

Make sure your Pub is a welcoming environment for non-drinkers. A Lime and Soda might be a smidge of the price of a pint of beer, but it’s still a smidge worth having in your till. You could also develop a discount/voucher system for soft drinks depending on what you charge.

If you are going Dry for January, we’re sorry to mention Gin so much.

3. How about… ‘Try January’?

Most people are pretty adventurous, especially when pushed, encouraged or given an opportunity! You know we mentioned Gin? Well why not do a Gin or Beer tasting? Ok, that might fly in the face of Dry January, but not everyone is resisting temptation and it could be an excellent way of showcasing some different drinks, Gins or Beers.

Why not order a Cask Ale from us that you’ve not had in your pub before, You never know, it could be a best seller. #TryJanuary is hashtag used on twitter for discussion about trying new, and exciting food and drinks during January.

or alternatively… Veganuary?

Vegan soup recipe

Thank you for reading this Trust Inns blog post about Dry January, if you would like to see more posts from Trust Inns please refer to our blog page, contact us or follow our social media accounts.

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