What are the ingoing costs to running my own Trust Inns pub?

Ingoings refers to the sum of money Trust Inns has calculated that you will need to enter the pub.  These are usually included on the letting details for each pub.  Below are the types of costs you can expect to see, but values differ dependent on the type of pub available.

  1. Fixtures and fittings
    You will purchase and subsequently own the fixtures and fittings within the pub such as furniture, fridges, cellar coolers etc.  This cost is calculated by an Independent Valuer before you take over the pub.  This is an investment cost as you are able to sell on the fixtures and fittings should you choose to leave the pub.
  2. Bond deposit
    In principle a bond deposit for a Trust Inns’ pub works similarly to a bond that you would pay when renting a private property.  Just like private property, upon leaving the pub, if everything is in good repair and there is no outstanding debt you receive your bond deposit back in full.
  3. Working capital
    With our experience we always advise that you keep a set sum aside to cover the costs you will probably incur in your first few months of trading such as you till float or staff wages.
  4. Stock & glassware
    This amount simply covers the amount you would need to fully stock your pub and ensure that all items of glassware etc are available.
  5. Administration costsThis is a fixed cost of £675 and covers Trust Inns’ administrative expenses.


They have helped me no end.  I was new to the management post and thrown in at the deep end.  Trust Inns has helped me with the running of the pub and paperwork.  My BDM and credit controller have been very good.

Albion Hotel
Barrow in Furness

We have a very good relationship with Trust Inns. We have great personal communication with them and support when we need it.

Midge Hall

I’ve been a tenant for 20+ years and I’m very happy with the service

Percy Arms


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