29th July 2022

International Beer Day 2022 – The Best Pubs to Visit to Celebrate

It’s nearly time for our favourite day of the year! No, not Christmas – we’re talking about International Beer Day 2022! (Also, if you start preparing for Christmas this early, shame on you.) IBD 2022 is happening on the 5th of August, and we’re more than excited to celebrate. Although we never need an excuse to go for a pint, this annual event will be the perfect time to do so.

Founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2007, International Beer Day occurs on the first Friday in August and was created with the intention of celebrating the craft of brewing. Now, it’s celebrated in hundreds of countries, with millions of people appreciating the simplicity of a cold, frothy pint every year.

Although hammering back a few pints might be a typical weekend for you, International Beer Day helps us be grateful for the wide range of beers we have available to us along with our fantastic pub culture here in the UK.

In honour of IBD 2022, we thought we’d share a list of some Trust Inns pubs you can visit to celebrate. We have a massive estate of pubs all over the UK (you can run your own, visit our pubs to let page), so we’ve just picked a few out of each region that you might be close to.

Let’s get into it:


Living in the land known for bagpipes, kilts, and haggis? Scotland has a lot more to offer than just these stereotypes. Including a whole host of beautiful pubs and even better beer. The Lord Byron Pub in Aberdeen is one of the pubs that definitely should be on your list of pubs to visit in Scotland, featuring a fantastic food offering, live music once or twice a month and a newly renovated beer garden. Is there any other perfect place to celebrate International Beer Day than in a brand-spanking-new beer garden?

lord byron pub

If you’re a fan of rock metal bars, then the Black Rose Tavern in Edinburgh would be more up your street – with food served daily and the music consisting of rock, metal, goth, and alternative, if you’re not fancying a pint to celebrate IBD, they’ve got a wide range of Dead Man’s Fingers available (the alcohol, not literally, that would be way too ‘metal’) – 11 flavours total! They’re not just known for their metal music though, they also have regular karaoke, which is usually on until late, so you can celebrate for hours!

black rose tavern

Another great Scottish pub is the Old Swan in Paisley, they hold regular live music events and are officially Paisley’s oldest pub! The pub has been running since 1887 and has a ton of rich history. The Old Swan also boasts a beautiful beer garden and is located in the town centre.

ol swan paisley

North East

If you’re located within the home of beautiful coastlines and natural beauty, there are a few Trust Inns pubs you can visit to celebrate this annual event. The Marsden Inn makes its way onto this list, situated in South Shields, and boasting a delicious food menu and a wide selection of beers, this is a great choice for anyone close by. They hold regular quiz, karaoke, and busker nights so this pub certainly shouldn’t just be a one-off for International Beer Day. They’re also featuring a range of live music throughout August – for example, you can visit the day after International Beer Day, the 6th of August, and they’ll be hosting The Brighter Side Duo!

the marsden inn

With an extravagant food offering, Bishops Lodge in Bishop Auckland takes its menu to the next level. This pub’s food looks more like it came from a fine dining restaurant than a local pub… Serving duck leg, mussels, and steak, this pub certainly will WOW you with the choices on offer. They might have fine dining food, but they also have the pub prices – offering 3 courses for £20 on Sundays and Thursday night steak nights, 2 courses and a bottle of wine for £36 for two people – BARGAIN!

bishops lodge food 2 bishops lodge food 1










We can’t mention the North East without including a pub from the home of the Magpies – Newcastle. The Black & White Bull in Newcastle is located just opposite St. James Park, this newly refurbished sports bar is known for its signature cocktails and freshly made food.

black & white bull newcastle


Known as “God’s own country” and for having some of the best scenery in the UK (although I know it more for the Yorkshire puddings, seriously I could live off them!), Yorkshire also has a variety of top-notch pubs. You can look out the window to green grass and rolling hills whilst enjoying your pint, the perfect way to celebrate International Beer Day 2022.

First up on our list of Yorkshire pubs is the Half Moon Free House in Knaresborough, popular for its grazing menu of cured meats and cheeses and also regularly showcasing its variety of cask beers.

half moon

Next up is the Queens Arms in Horsforth, and whilst Our Majesty’s limbs don’t feature in the pub, five different cask ales sure do. A 17th-century, family-run pub featuring a private beer garden, an independent games room, and an outdoor TV.

queens arms

Finally, the Red Lion in Shadwell might have a common pub name, but they’re not just a common pub – they offer homemade food, live music, and fantastic cask ales. With a commitment to their customers, they make sure everyone who visits them has a great experience.

red lion

North West

The BEST of all the regions in the UK (no, the writer of this blog post is not from the North West and has a completely unbiased and factual opinion), known for the outstanding Lake District, gorgeous cities, and the hospitable people. Explore a few of the Trust Inns pubs throughout the North West:

Located in the popular seaside town known for its lights and seagulls, Raikes Hall is a gorgeous pub in Blackpool with a large beer garden, perfect for celebrating IBD. If you live in or near Blackpool, you should definitely get down to this pub – their chefs work hard on creating a spectacular specials board every week and their staff make sure to create a friendly atmosphere.

raikes hall

Heading over to Greater Manchester for this pub, the Gerrard Arms is situated in Wigan, a large town featured in George Orwell’s book ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’, published in 1937. This pub is dog-friendly, so you can bring your pooch along whilst celebrating this annual event. Serving home-cooked food alongside great ales, if you live in Wigan, pop down to the Gerrard Arms!

the gerrard arms the gerrard













Next up, there’s a beautiful gastropub in Chorley, the Spinners at Cowling, they have a fantastic food menu and claim their secret is hand-picking the best ingredients. Known for their fine dining, it’s no surprise that their food tastes just as good as it looks, if not better. The pub features a homely feel due to their staff providing that warm welcome and customers being able to cosy up to the log fire.

the spinners the spinners
















If you live in or near Wallasey, and you don’t know of this pub or haven’t visited it before, we can only ask – what are you doing? The Cheshire Cheese in Wallasey features a stunning gin garden and a courtyard that’s covered and heated, so even on the cold and rainy days, you can enjoy some freshly cooked food and a drink. Of course, it’s perfect for the sunshine as well, as you can sit outside in the warmth, they even have an outdoor TV if you’re a fan of football. Their sharing platters and tapas look and taste delicious, the Cheshire Cheese continues to create a friendly and vibrant atmosphere for everyone.

cheshire cheese

Travelling to Chester now, the Rake & Pikel is a traditional pub in the heart of Huntington boasting a spacious beer garden, cask ales and delicious food. Certainly a fantastic spot for locals to relax and enjoy their pint to celebrate International Beer Day 2022, they host regular barbecues when it’s sunny and occasionally show the football outside as well.

rake and pikel


Directing you to the Midlands now, there are a couple of noteworthy Trust Inns pubs that you should visit. If you’re near Smethwick, the Seven Stars pub in Cape Hill would be a great choice for you to celebrate International Beer Day, and every other day in fact. They specialise in authentic Jamaican cuisine – known for their jerk Fridays, you might be lucky to get a taste of their fantastic jerk dishes this Friday the 5th  of August.

Seven Stars

Going North East from Smethwick to Nottingham, you can find the New Foresters pub, the oldest gay pub in Nottingham! Taking pride in their LGBTQ+ status, all are welcome to visit the New Foresters and enjoy the safe space they have created. With pride month just passed, we should all remember the importance of these safe spaces, even in modern times, there’s still a lot of prejudice, discrimination, and homophobia in the world. The New Foresters has been an LBGTQ+ pub since 1938 – when it was even more dangerous if you were queer. We’re extremely proud to call the New Foresters a Trust Inns pub, and it’s a fantastic place to celebrate International Beer Day, everyone is accepting, friendly and great nights are had by each person who visits this pub.

new foresters


South East

Notorious for its magnificent countryside, there are a few Trust Inns pubs in the South East if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate.

The Oval Tavern in Croydon prides itself on supporting local musicians, they have open mic sessions and promote the musicians who visit them on their YouTube channel, under the series name ‘The Oval Tavern Sessions’. If you live in or near Croydon, this pub is the perfect place to go if you’re wanting to experience some local talent. They have six hand pulls dispensing an ever-changing range of quality ales – they don’t just promote local musicians though; they also provide local brews! They’ve also got a wonderful walled garden, large barbecue and even a vegetable and herb garden which supplies their kitchen!

oval tavern

Next, we’re heading to Bedford, the historic county town of Bedfordshire to a relaxed, riverside pub, the Horse & Groom in Clapham. Featuring a stunning garden, two open fireplace bars, and a lovely dining area, this pub is certainly one you should visit if you’re nearby.

horse and groom

Over to Romford now, where you’ll find the family-friendly Saxon King pub, well-known for its entertainment, top-quality food and excellent service. The pub regularly hosts live music, events, and you can even enjoy the local wildlife if you’re lucky – with geese and deer being spotted nearby recently!

saxon king

South West

Last but not least, the South West has plenty to offer, including some traditional pubs…

In the heart of Perranporth sits the Tywarnhayle Inn, a family-friendly and dog-friendly pub serving delicious, home-cooked food and providing their customers with local ales. They have traditional carveries on Sundays and build your own breakfast from 9 am until 12 pm every day.

Tywarnhayle Inn


And finally, to end off our Trust Inns pubs list, the Copper House Inn in Hayle has been welcoming pub-goers for over 200 years. Boasting Cornish gin and Cornish ale, they host regular quiz nights and live music. A lively pub which guarantees a warm, Cornish welcome.

copper house

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the best Trust Inns pubs to visit for International Beer Day 2022. Have an amazing time celebrating if you do decide to go to one of the pubs above.

An even better way to celebrate International Beer Day is taking a look at our pubs to let all over the country. Here at Trust Inns, we provide the foundation for you to create the heart of your community in the form of a local pub. We supply all of our tenants with guidance, information, offers and marketing supplies to put them in the best position to develop the perfect pub for them. Our tenants find that they’re putting a lot of their personality into the pubs they run, they’re truly making them their own – as you can see from our list, each pub is different and has something special about it.  Have a question? You can contact our friendly team and they’ll be happy to help with anything you need. 

Happy International Beer Day!

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