2nd May 2022

Pub Snacks Ranked from Worst to Best

Pubs are known for a whole host of things; beer, drinks, food and of course, pub snacks! Our British pub culture just absolutely adores pub snacks and there’s been many a debate on which holds the crown for the best bite with your pint!

We’ve put together a list of pub snacks ranked from worst to best, you can certainly disagree if you want, but this is our personal opinion (and we’re obviously experts in this matter)


  1. Pickled egg/onion

In 19th place on our list, and in our opinion, the worst of the pub snacks, is pickled eggs and onions. We absolutely can’t comprehend why you’d want to go out for a pint and then tuck in to a jar of pickled eggs or onions. They definitely require an acquired taste, and whilst we would tuck into a couple if they were in a salad or a meal, we definitely don’t think we’d be tempted by them alongside our pint or cocktail. Coming home reeking of alcohol is bad enough – I don’t think we need to introduce any eggy or onion smells into the mix, that would be enough to make a skunk jealous of your breath!


pickled onions worst pub snack


  1. Wasabi peas

Next on our list, contending for the worst pub snack, is wasabi peas. Do we even have to explain this one? A very posh snack that just doesn’t really fit the setting of a boozer. A snack to make Victoria Beckham, aka posh spice proud, you should be eating this spicy snack with some water or milk, not alcohol to wash it down!


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  1. Olives

Another pub snack that we just don’t understand and is a bit too posh to be eating at your local. Why on earth would you go to the pub and reach for olives instead of a bag of crisps or something, anything else? The only explanation we can think of is that every semi-decent snack is sold out and you’re absolutely starving.




  1. Bombay mix

Very random, very unnecessary. The BBC website states that Bombay mix contains ‘fried chickpea flour noodles (sev), chickpeas, dried peas, flattened or puffed rice, fried onion, fried lentils and nuts.’



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  1. Dry roasted peanuts

Peanuts are great, but definitely not dry roasted peanuts. They certainly do their name justice. Very dry and very sad.



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  1. Pistachios

Pistachios are nice, sure, but they’re not the top nut and they’re certainly not near the top of our list. Pistachios require a bit of messing about to crack open and you end up with a pile of shells. Decent, but not great.




  1. Salted peanuts

Again, they’re decent, but not the best nut. Certainly better than the dry peanuts on our list!


salted peanuts


  1. Chilli peanuts

Adding a bit more flavour and spice, chilli peanuts are a great addition to the nut family. Bit average for a pub snack though.


chilli peanuts


  1. Ready salted crisps

Sure, they’re crisps and that’s why they’re good, but they’re just lacking. I associate someone who chooses ready salted crisps as their pub snack as the type of person to get a ham sandwich, bottle of water and a bag of these as their meal deal as well. Boring and you could do better.



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  1. Scotch egg

Now we’re getting into the good stuff, a scotch egg is just a delicacy. None of that pickled nonsense. They’re reliable and delicious – what more can I say? The only reason that they’re not higher on the list is that they’re a bit crumby. Definitely in the top 10 though.


scotch egg
  1. Pork pie

Pork pies – a British classic. Just amazing. I’m not 100% sure they count as a pub snack though, they’re more for a picnic or in a lunchbox.


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  1. Salt and vinegar nuts

The royalty of nuts – the right amount of flavour, crunch and every time you put some in your mouth, you just want more and more and more.



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  1. A bowl of chips

What can beat a hot, fresh bowl of pub chips? The 6 pub snacks left on our list apparently… But seriously, this is a classic, however, it’s more of a side dish and you can’t just grab them instantly – you have to order them.




  1. Mini cheddars

I mean, they’re just top tier, aren’t they? Mini cheddars are an absolute delight to the tastebuds.



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  1. Cheese and onion crisps

A classic for a reason, tasty, crunchy and perfect with a beer in hand. Just don’t try to kiss anyone after eating them…



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  1. Salt and vinegar crisps

Brilliant, just brilliant. They look great, they taste great, they are GREAT. A proper pub snack.



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     3.Bacon fries

Very British and very baconey (yes, we know that’s not a word, we also don’t care). If you’ve never tried these, you’re missing out.


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  1. Scampi fries

How can you get any better than crisps, chips, scotch eggs, pork pies and peanuts? Scampi fries, that’s how. If you’d never visited a British pub before, you’d probably think we were significantly odd by having these as one of the top pub snack options – but they’re just so good, and we don’t really understand why, but we’ll continue to devour them nonetheless.



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1.Pork scratchings

The God of pub snacks, if you don’t like these then we have to ask – are you OK? A packet of mouth-watering, crunchy, meaty snacks. There is nothing better and we’ll firmly stick by that opinion.



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Here at Trust Inns, our whole business surrounds pubs – it’s what we do and what we offer. We have a wide range of pubs in our portfolio available to let – we help our tenants with running their pub and we’re complete experts in this industry. Whilst our choices in ranking pub snacks might not suit you, if you’re thinking of running your very own pub, we might have a few that you’ll like.

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