10th July 2022

The 6 Most Popular UK Pub Drinks

What’s your beverage of choice when you visit your local pub? Whether it’s a spirit, lager or cider, there’s a whole variety of choices just sitting along the bar. Do you always stick to your usual or do you come out of your comfort zone to try something new?

There’s a lot more to British pubs than just beer – have you ever wondered about what the most popular UK pub drinks are? No? Well, too bad, because we’re going to tell you anyway.


1. Beer

Well, this is a bit contradictory because we just mentioned how there was more to British pubs than beer – but how can you have a list of the top UK pub drinks without beer sitting firmly at position 1? Sure, there’s a lot more you can have, but beer will certainly always be the favourite. Us Brits take pride in our beers; you can tell by the passionate debate surrounding which beer brands are bad and which are the best that goes on throughout the country. Despite the ever-growing creativeness of new drinks, the humble pint of beer will always emerge victorious.

pub worker pouring beer from a beer tap in a pub


2. Cider

At number two on our list is cider – whether you prefer yours fruity or bitter, there’s probably at least one cider everyone will like due to the massive variety available. Strongbow and Kopparberg are the two that probably come to mind when cider is mentioned, although there are a ton of brands and flavours available. Pear, apple, berry, lime, rhubarb, passionfruit, pomegranate, even cherry bakewell flavour! People are becoming more and more inventive with alcohol flavours, and in turn, cider flavours!

apples in a wooden bucket for cider


3. Gin

We talked about the variety of cider flavours, but the range you can get with gin is simply on another level. I’ve even seen a toasted marshmallow flavoured gin before (it was delicious by the way)! Many pubs have just the ‘normal’ gin selection, but a lot are known for their gins, showcasing a variety of fruit flavours like blackberry, strawberry, orange and even other, less common flavours. It’s no surprise that us Brits love gin, whether you opt for tonic or lemonade with it, it creates a delicious and refreshing flavour and is usually garnished beautifully – whether the bartender adds fresh berries or a wedge of lime or lemon.

gin top most popular uk pub drinks



4. Vodka

If you go to the pub to have a night that you won’t remember in the morning, vodka is one of the most reliable choices (not speaking from experience, of course). You can put it with just about any mixer – coke, lemonade, orange juice, and some people even mix it with water. Gin and vodka are the two most popular choices for spirit drinkers. You can either stick with classic vodka or switch it up with vanilla, raspberry, or another flavour.



5. Cocktails

Fifth on our list is a bit more of an extravagant option. Something that you’re usually pushing the boat out on – because let’s be honest, if you have too many, or if you start mixing them, it can turn deadly (again, not speaking from experience). Cocktails are delicious, but usually a bit pricier compared to the humble pint, simply due to the number of ingredients that go into one. Whether you’re going for an espresso martini, strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, sex on the beach, passionfruit martini, mudslide, margarita, long island iced tea, white Russian, old fashioned, Manhattan, cosmopolitan, bloody Mary, or Moscow mule – the list goes on. Many pubs even create their own cocktail. A cocktail is simply a mixture of alcohol and soft/fizzy drinks, perhaps with some garnish as well, so the options are endless really. You could even go for a mocktail, which still packs all the flavour but without the feeling of death the next day.




6. Wine

Another classic choice, but more known for a restaurant setting rather than your local pub, though some people do still order it. Red, white, rosé, or even flavoured wine, the choice is yours. Us Brits do love a nice glass of wine.

White Wine glass subtle image- wine blog


And that was our list of the 6 most popular drinks to order in a UK pub, we hope you enjoyed it!

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