10th June 2022

Why you should run a pub

Since the start of COVID, many people have been hesitant to get into the pub business or have even left it. According to the UK House of Commons library, in April 2020 economic output in the food & accommodation sector was 90% below pre-pandemic levels. However, as we’re halfway through 2022, the hospitality sector is looking like it’s making a recovery, with many more people willing to go out and socialise, mask mandates being lifted and most of the UK being vaccinated, COVID is becoming less & less talked about.

There are a ton of reasons why running your own pub could be right for you. Whether this has been your dream for a while, you need a career change or you fancy investing in a business opportunity in your area, we’ve put together a list of why you should run a pub and the pros of owning your own pub:


When it comes to British pub culture, we hardly ever stray away from our local, it’s where we can meet our friends, watch the football, settle down for a pint after a long day and enjoy the weekend after a difficult week. There’s a great sense of community in each local pub with a set of regulars and new people coming in occasionally. When you run your own pub, you’re essentially becoming the heart of your community, where you can connect with everyone in your local area and provide them with great food and pints.

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Great stories & memories

It goes without saying that there are a lot of stories which come from pubs. When you run a pub, you’re bound to create thousands of memories that will stay with you forever and you can share with your regulars and new people coming into the pub. Many of these can even go viral – I’m sure we’ve all read about a pub ghost before.


Creating connections

Pubs are where you can establish connections – whether you’re creating new ones or reconnecting with old friends or colleagues. You’ll build relationships with everyone in the local area and these relationships are what will make them want to keep coming back and promote your pub to their friends or even people passing through the area.

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Do what you love whilst making money

If you love pubs, then there’s a chance you’ll love running a pub. There are not many people who can say that they do what they love for their job. Of course, we don’t recommend downing multiple pints whilst working even though that might be one of the reasons why you enjoy the pub culture so much. But being in that pub atmosphere, seeing your friends and connecting with the locals is a massive reward for the hard work put into running a pub.

pub bar

Make it personalised

When you run a pub, you can really make it yours. You’ll decide on the food you serve, the live music you host and any events you want to put on. Every single pub in the country is different and they all have something that makes them unique. Create a signature drink like a cocktail named after the pub, put on fancy dress nights, dedicate a day to a certain drink e.g., ‘tequila Tuesdays’. There are so many ideas, and you can really get your creativity flowing.


Football/game/karaoke nights

The great thing about pubs, is that there are already a few ideas and things that they’re known for, and people love them. For example, if you simply show football games in your pub, you’ll most likely have people flocking in your doors, especially if the local team is playing or if it’s a cup final. Pubs are also known for game nights and pub quizzes – it’s pretty easy to put on a pub quiz and get people interested in it, many pubs even offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize which will get even more people entering the quiz. Karaoke nights are great fun and a good way to get the community involved in your pub. A cheap way to create some fun for the pub and get people in. Live music – another way to get the community involved, research into how you can get live music into your pub with the right licenses

Live band at the old swan pub in paisley

Hard work makes money

Many people question the profit that a pub can produce and ask themselves if its worth investing into. The truth is that the more you put in, the more you get out of it. If you have a pub that’s well maintained/clean with fantastic food, welcoming staff, events, a wide drink selection and a social media presence, then you’re bound to get results. They key to getting all of these is hard work and support – here at Trust Inns, we offer guidance and support to all our tenants running a pub. A pub doesn’t just run itself and the many rewards it produces, including the financial aspects, are a product of hard work, dedication and commitment.

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You’re the boss

Many people don’t like working for someone or not being able to make the decisions of their workplace that they think would benefit it. When you run a pub, you’re the boss and you’re making all the decisions, so whatever you think is best, you can put into action. You’re managing every aspect of the pub from the big decisions to the smallest ones.

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As you can see, there are many advantages to owning your own pub. Here at Trust Inns, we’ve got a wide range of pubs to let all over the UK, take a look at our available pubs and if you see something you like, you can enquire about it. We offer training, advice, support and guidance to make sure we’re doing all we can in your journey of running your local. Have a question? You can contact our friendly team and they’ll be happy to help with anything you need.

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