Price List

Unless specified otherwise, and as part of each agreement you will be obliged to purchase your draught beers, lagers and ales as well as packaged lagers and ciders, alcopops and perry from our nominated suppliers.  A copy of our full price and product list is available to download.

Landlord`s National Price List May 2018

All prices quoted are the full WSP and do not take into account any barrelage discount you may be applicable for.

For more information please speak to the Business Development Manager.

All prices quoted are the full wholesale price and are exclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to market fluctuations and are invoiced at the price effective on the day of delivery.

All products are offered for sale subject to depot availability and are subject to Tradeteam Ltd’s standard terms & conditions of sale, a copy of which can be supplied on request (or the standard terms & conditions of the relevant supplier if direct delivered)

Requests for the introduction and installation of products listed on this price list must be made through your Business Development Manager. Agreement to the stocking of additional products will be made subject to the Company’s Stocking Policy at the time and the ongoing availability of such products inthe relevant depot. (ie Geographical demands)