Our Support Package

At Trust Inns we understand that each and every one of our lessees and their respective pub businesses are unique. We also know that a well supported lessee is a successful lessee.  So it should come as no surprise to hear that at Trust Inns we tailor make all our business support tools to suit your individual needs, with as little or as much hands on help and advice from your personal Business Development Manager as you need.

Marketing / Promotions

Trust Inns offers a variety of marketing initiatives and support packages to assist you in promoting your pub.  The Marketing & Promotions department can assist you in any aspect of your marketing strategy.  This includes:

  • Defining your target market and creating a marketing activity tailored to your needs
  • Planning promotional events to attract new and repeat custom
  • Helping develop a new customer service offer to your existing or new market
  • Developing a variety of drinks/food promotions to help build your business and maintain customer loyalty
  • Providing merchandising advice in your bar to opitimise the selling opportunities within it
  • Liaising with brand suppliers of support within outlet and provide access to national promotional activity eg St Patrick’s Day kits
  • Assistance in building a social media presence (Facebook, Instagram and Trip Advisor) and advice on the business building opportunities this brings

Additionally, to help each of our pubs maintain their competitive edge, we are proud to offer a wide range of brands of both draught and packaged products.  Our telesales department will let you know about any available brand promotions available to you on each call.  Details of our monthly promotions are listed in our bi-monthly publication, Inn Touch  as well as regular updates to our Facebook page.

The marketing & promotions department also work hand in hand with our estates department on all investment projects throughout the year.  To find out details of our latest projects, please visit our Facebook page for “before and after” transformations of sites from across or estate.

Help Desk

Should you be unable to reach your Business Development Manager for whatever reason then the Trust Inns’ help desk is there to provide help and assistance.

The help desk is for day to day issues for any urgent  problems that require immediate action and is open throughout office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm).

On calling the helpline our customer services assistant will endeavour to locate either your Estate Development Manager or failing that, will notify the relevant Operations Director for your situation.

In short, the Trust Inns’ help desk is there to provide you with the peace of mind of always having someone within the business to call on in times of need.