10th February 2023

From Dinner Dates to Anniversaries: A Pub’s Guide to Pleasing Couples

Pubs are a staple of social gatherings and a popular choice for couples looking for a night out. But with so many options out there, pubs need to step up their game if they want to attract more lovebirds. Whether it’s a dinner date, an anniversary celebration, or just a night out, pubs can create an experience that couples will want to repeat again and again.

So, with Valentine’s Day looming closer and February being known as the month of love, what can pubs do to attract more couples?


The key is to create a cosy, intimate atmosphere that sets the mood for a romantic evening. This can be achieved by paying attention to the little details, like lighting and music. Soft lighting, such as candlelight or dimmer switches, can create a warm and welcoming ambience. Couples want to feel like they’re in their own little world, and the right lighting can do just that. And don’t forget about the music! A romantic playlist or live music can set the perfect tone for a night out.

pubs guide to targeting couples


Next, it’s all about the menu. Offer a variety of dishes that are perfect for sharing, like small plates, tapas-style dishes, and unique flavour combinations. And don’t skimp on the drinks! A good wine list, craft beers, and creative cocktails are a must for a romantic evening. When it comes to wine, consider offering a range of options, from budget-friendly options to splurge-worthy bottles. And when it comes to cocktails, think outside the box and offer unique blends that are sure to impress.



When it comes to service, attention to detail is key. Make sure your waitstaff is on point and able to anticipate your guests’ needs. Friendly, prompt service goes a long way in creating a memorable experience. And don’t forget about private dining rooms or secluded areas. Give couples a space that’s just for two, and they’ll be singing your praises. This could be a private table or even a cosy booth. Just make sure it’s private and intimate enough for couples to enjoy their evening.

pub service

Extra Touch

But why stop there? Add a little extra something to make the night even more special. Think little touches like rose petals on the table, a complimentary dessert, or even a bottle of champagne. It’s the little things that count and can really make a night unforgettable. And don’t forget about special events and holidays! Celebrate Valentine’s Day and other special occasions with special menu items, decorations, and events.


Bar Setting

And don’t forget about the bar. A well-stocked bar is essential for a romantic evening, but it’s not just about the drinks. Offer a comfortable and inviting space where couples can sit, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. This could be a cosy lounge area or even a bar with a view. Just make sure it’s a place where couples can relax and enjoy the evening.


By following these tips, your pub is sure to be a hit with lovebirds in your local area and beyond!

However, even though this is a blog post for catering to couples, it’s important not to tunnel vision. Your pub can be a great place for singletons as well as couples – in fact, a survey carried out by Opinion Matters actually revealed that 1 in 4 couples met in a pub. So, on days like Valentine’s Day, why not encourage local singletons to put down the ice cream, pause the romcoms, and come down to your pub to either drown their sorrows or meet the love of their life? Honestly, either option sounds great to us.

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