11th October 2019

ICE Cards – The Black Rose Tavern

You might recall that earlier this month we posted about The Black Rose Tavern in Edinburgh and their latest social campaign focused around ICE cards.

ICE, (In Case of Emergency) has become very popular in recent years, and many people add ‘ICE’ to their chosen contacts name in their mobile phone contacts page. Doing this is a very sensible move that could not only save lives, but also make contacting loved ones during an emergency that much easier. However, as mobile phone technology has moved forward, so has security and mobile phone access. How many phones know require unlocking, or are password protected? Some even have fingerprint or face recognition as a feature.

Edinburgh newspaper black rose article

This is great for security, but not fantastic in an emergency where time is critical. Even though most phones have a by-pass option for emergency calls, it’s not going to help the kind Samaritan, first aid worker or emergency services staff help locate your loved ones when you need them most. So what’s the solution? That’s where The Black Rose Tavern’s ICE cards come into it.

The idea is very simple, so simple it’s almost too obvious. Have an ICE Card. Keep it in your wallet, purse or handbag or pocket, with all the vital information on it. A contact number, name and any additional information that you might require someone to know in an emergency situation. This can include everything from allergies to medical conditions, disabilities or special considerations. These cards are readily available from behind the bar at The Black Rose Tavern, Edinburgh.

ICE card - in case of emergency

It might be a simple idea, but wow… it could well and truly save lives. It’s true, the best ideas are often the simplest and most obvious. As you’d expect, they have garnered a large amount of press coverage and PR on the back of their efforts, that also includes campaigns ‘Ask For Angela’ and their own ‘Put a Lid On It’.

The cards are very straight forward in their design, and certainly are eye catching as you can see from the image above. Pub Manager Alison Morrison and assistant manager Alison Wilson are rightly proud of their recent launch of ICE cards, with them stating, ‘The cards could help save lives, If someone is really not well, they give those important contact details, or information on any medical history that medics might need to know’.

Having seen the trouble after pub hours, and problems caused by Alcohol and Drugs in Edinburgh, Alison added ‘We care a lot about people being safe and the hard work put in by emergency services. I want to put the message out there to people that if you do enjoy a night out, just come and get one of these cards. It’s a really simple thing that can be so helpful for someone who falls ill, and the people assisting them’.

Earlier in 2019, The Black Rose Tavern won the Best Establishment in Scotland award at the Best Bar None awards. With their provision of live music, social campaigning, great atmosphere, fantastic beer and position as one of Edinburgh’s best Rock bars, it’s easy to see why.

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