10th November 2023

The Most Popular Pub Drinks in the World

Here in Britain, we’re known for our avid pub culture (as we should be). Whilst we firmly believe no pub around the world can quite match up to our good old British local, we can’t deny that there’s a wealth of delicious drinks out there waiting to be discovered. From the timeless classics that define a nation’s drinking culture, to the exciting new favourites winning hearts (and taste buds), we’re on a mission to unveil the most loved pub drinks from all corners of the globe. So, pull up a stool, get comfy, and join us for a round-the-world pub crawl, no passport required. Let’s get into the most popular pub drinks in the world…


USA – Craft Beer

Starting our journey across the pond, in the USA, the craft beer revolution has been in full swing for the past decade. Microbreweries from Portland to Pittsburgh are concocting a dizzying array of craft beers – stouts, IPAs, lagers, you name it. These inventive brews often utilise local ingredients, lending a distinctive flavour that encapsulates the essence of their region.

Mexico – Tequila

Next, we head to Mexico, where tequila isn’t just a drink, it’s a celebration. Derived from the blue agave plant, tequila ranges from the smooth Blanco, perfect for cocktails like Margaritas, to the full-bodied Añejo, meant for slow sipping.


Canada – Caesar Cocktail

In Canada, the Caesar Cocktail reigns supreme. This classic Canadian drink is a blend of vodka, Clamato juice (a mix of clam and tomato juices), hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, served with a celery salt rim and garnish. It’s a cocktail that truly captures Canadian culinary creativity.


United Kingdom – Real Ale

Back home in the UK, there’s a long-standing love affair with real ale. Steeped in history, tradition, and craftsmanship, real ale is a unique form of beer characterised by its cask conditioning and natural carbonation.

Ireland – Guinness

Just across the Irish Sea, Ireland’s favourite pub staple is undoubtedly Guinness. This dark, creamy stout with its signature rich flavour is an iconic symbol of Irish heritage. Enjoyed both at home and around the world, there’s nothing quite like a pint of the “black stuff.”


Germany – Wheat Beer

In Germany, the beer culture is legendary. While the country is known for a plethora of brews, we’re raising our stein to Wheat Beer, or “Weißbier.” Renowned for its cloudy appearance and distinct banana and clove notes, this beer is a refreshing pick at any German beer garden.

Russia – Vodka

In Russia, vodka is more than just a spirit. It’s a cultural icon. Consumed neat and often accompanied by small snacks, or ‘zakuski,’ vodka is an integral part of Russian pub and social traditions.


Japan – Sake

Next stop, the land of the rising sun – Japan. Here, sake, a fermented rice wine, is the star attraction. Served chilled or warmed, this versatile drink is appreciated for its subtle nuances, similar to fine wine. A glass of sake in a traditional “izakaya” (Japanese pub) offers a taste of Japan’s rich cultural heritage and attention to detail.

South Korea – Soju

Travelling to South Korea, we discover the popularity of soju. This clear spirit, similar to vodka but sweeter, is typically consumed neat. With its smooth finish and moderate alcohol content, it’s a perfect accompaniment to Korean BBQ and pub chimaek (chicken and beer) outings.


India – Kingfisher Beer

In India, Kingfisher Beer has a loyal following. Light, crisp, and refreshing, it pairs perfectly with the country’s rich, spicy cuisine. It’s a staple at Indian pubs, where friends gather for lively conversation and laughter.


South Africa – Amarula

Journeying to South Africa, Amarula, a cream liqueur made from the unique marula fruit, stands out. This sweet, creamy drink with hints of caramel and vanilla is often enjoyed over ice, a perfect complement to the African sunset.

Ethiopia – Tella

Over in Ethiopia, Tella, a traditional homemade beer, is the favoured pub drink. Brewed from barley, maize, or other grains and flavoured with gesho (a local plant), Tella carries a rich, earthy taste and is deeply tied to Ethiopian cultural traditions.

Kenya – Tusker Lager

In Kenya, Tusker Lager holds a special place. Named in honour of the brewery founder’s brother, who was killed by an elephant, Tusker is more than just a beer. It’s a symbol of Kenyan resilience and unity, a true companion in every celebration.

tusker lager


Australia – Victoria Bitter

Next, we traverse to Australia, where the beloved Victoria Bitter holds sway. This full-flavoured, robust beer has been a mainstay in Australian pubs for decades. Fondly referred to as “VB,” it’s a testament to the Aussies’ straightforward and no-nonsense attitude.

New Zealand – Sauvignon Blanc

Over in New Zealand, the star is Sauvignon Blanc. Known for its crisp, fruity profile with signature gooseberry and passionfruit notes, it has put New Zealand on the global wine map. Enjoying a glass of ‘Savvy’ is a rite of passage in Kiwi pub culture.

Middle East:

Lebanon – Arak

In Lebanon, we find Arak. This anise-flavoured spirit is traditionally mixed with water and ice, turning it a milky white. Enjoyed with mezze in cosy Lebanese pubs, it’s a convivial drink synonymous with Lebanese hospitality.

Iran – Doogh

Finally, in Iran, an intriguing non-alcoholic drink called Doogh is quite popular. It’s a savoury yoghurt-based drink, often carbonated and seasoned with mint. While there are no typical ‘pubs’ in Iran and eateries are non-alcoholic due to religious customs, Doogh is a staple refreshment in social gatherings and local teahouses.

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